Precision Glue Appicator Kit

  • Precision Glue Appicator Kit



Apply your rhinestones up to 5 TIMES FASTER with no mess. "It is the fastest and easiest method we have seen in over 25 years of professional costume making."  Used by professional Dance, Skate, and Pageant dress and costume designers.

Kit includes

  • 5 Applicators
  • 4 assorted stainless steel, twist on applicator tips

                Largest Tip - GREEN - for gel type glue like E6000

                Medium Large Tip - PURPLE - for smaller stones with thick glues

                Small Tip - PINK - "Most Popular" for thinner glues like E6000 Fabric-Fuse or Fabric Fusion

                Smallest Tip - YELLOW - for size 12ss and smaller stones

  • 2 six-inch WOOD JEWELERS WAX STICKS for picking up the stones and placing on "glue dots".  Just touch the top of the stone and press into the glue dot

Saves hours of work!  Makes your project look more professional.

  • Make Fine Lines, Dots, and Lettering

  • Great Gift Idea for anyone who uses rhinestones or does crafts.

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